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DIY Succulent Diffusers

Everyone knows having plants inside the home is wonderful for our health, cleaning the air and giving off oxygen. They are beautiful to look at and improve our indoor environment. But not if they’re dead.

I kill plants. It’s a special talent I have — to kill plants in record time.

Succulents are adorable and easy-to-care for plants that thrive on neglect — perfect for me. And they’re really trendy right now. You can find a wide variety at most nurseries and garden centres.

Fun fact: certain cacti and succulents do not stop the photosynthesis process at night like most plants do! This means they continue working hard to release oxygen and absorb toxins from our environment even while we are sleeping.

A really fun project with these easy plants is to make a DIY Succulent Diffuser. You can apply the essential oils of your choice and set the arrangement anywhere you’d like to breathe in the aromatic benefits! It’s also a great idea for guest bathrooms and small spaces with no electric outlets.

Last week I hosted a DIY Succulent Diffuser Workshop at our house, for a dozen people. I was really nervous because plants are not my forte, but I was well-prepared and the workshop worked out great! Here are the details if you’d like to make a DIY Succulent Diffuser for yourself.

You will need:

Bowl, planter, plant pot… you can make a succulent arrangement in pretty much anything. I got ours from IKEA.

Pumice stone / perlite — goes at the bottom of the bowl for drainage

Soil — cactus soil is ideal because it drains and dries quickly so the roots don’t sit in dampness. 

I got mine for $3.99 a bag at Pepiniere Jasmin in St-Laurent. I got the pumice stone there too: www.jardinjasmin.com

Plants — shop around for these. I found a beautiful and very affordable selection at the Atwater Market (Montreal) because it’s June, but in the winter it may be harder and more expensive. American friends, you can order a box of succulents from Amazon (!) 


Moss, stones, etc — to give your arrangement the finishing touch! I bought some at Michael’s.

Lava stone — this is the “diffuser” part. Lava stone is porous, and will absorb the essential oils without letting them sink into the soil.

I got a bag from Amazon: 



United States:


Add 1/2 inch to an inch of pumice stone (perlite) in the bottom of the bowl.

Add the cactus soil.

Plant the succulents in the soil. I decided to give four plants for each person but you don’t need to do this many.

Add the moss, decorative stones and lava stone around the plants.

Succulents need a very shallow root bed, and how they store water in themselves. So they don’t like too much water (or their roots will rot) 

** don’t put too much moss or it will make the soil retain too much moisture and succulents don’t like that

Once your arrangement is complete, add a handful of lava stone. This is where you are going to drop the essential oils. Add a few drops. The aroma will last for several days!

The best essential oils you can use for your health needs — including aromatherapy with this diffuser — are Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living oils are pure oils of the highest quality, grown and distilled at YL farms all over the world. As the leader of the essential oils movement, YL’s Seed to Seal guarantee is the gold standard of quality for your family! 

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And our incredible Joy Droppers community will guide you and support you through your oils journey!